Legal Skills

The resources below are publically available, and will be of great assistance to any student looking to learn the law. We will keep updating this page, so keep a lookout for more lessons.

Legal Research

How to conduct Legal Research with Adv. Ramesh Kumar Maali - The Basics

Advocate Ramesh Maali, Senior Officer of Law at GAIL (INDIA) Ltd. teaches the basics of legal research. He dives deep into the effective approach towards legal research and the ways one must train their mind to solve problems in this sphere.

How to conduct Legal Research - Using Legal Software

The second part of CEDE's legal research session discusses, in detail, how to effectively use legal software such as SCC and Manupatra. We also go over other useful legal tools that can be found online.

Manupatra Guide.pptx

Module: Using Manupatra efficiently

This presentation covers the various features on Manupatra and how they can be efficiently used to find cases, judgments and other legal documents. It also covers the unique features offered on the software.

SSC Module.pdf

Module: Using SCC efficiently

This module deals with SCC Online, and discusses how the tools available on this legal software can be used in a way that produces the best results.

Lectures on Law

Series of Corporate Law lectures by Prof. Arjya Majumdar

Prof. Arjya Majumdar, who teaches at Jindal Global Law School, discusses property law in a lucid manner.