Higher Education and Job Preparation

Workshop: How to Prepare for an LLM Abroad!

Day 1: Rhodes Scholarship with Adv. Rahul Bajaj & Adv. Sameer Rashid Bhat

Day 2: Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship with Prof. Gowthaman Ranganathan & Adv. Aman Wadud

Day 3: Independent Institution Scholarships with Adv. Archana Rupwate & Adv. Thulasi K Raj

Effective Judgement Reading

Judgment Reading - CEDE- Faizan-2.pdf

Judgement Reading Workshop

By Faizan Ahmad 

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar | BCL Candidate 2023-24 University of Oxford | B.A LLB, Jindal Global Law School

CV/Resume Building

Session with Adv. Avinash Mathews and Adv. Surbhi M. Karwa

CV SESSION.pptx.pdf

Slideshow on how to build a CV

Professional Skills

CEDE Internship Guide.pdf

Internship Guide

Please go through this guide to learn how to get better at writing, legal research, workplace professionalism and office interactions - all of which are crucial for a successful internship experience. It includes guidelines on how to deal with the unique challenges of virtual internships as well.

Thanks to The Centre for Justice, Law and Society, translations in the following languages are available: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Odia.

Seemingly small grammatical errors can create a bad impression. Please verify that these grammatical errors are avoided in your case note, article, research note, emails, etc.

Source: Amanda Zantal-Wiener

Legal Skills

How to conduct Legal Research with Adv. Ramesh Kumar Maali - The Basics

How to conduct Legal Research - Using Legal Software

Manupatra Module.pdf

Module How to conduct Legal Research on Manupatra

SSC Module.pdf

Module How to conduct Legal Research on SCC Online

Series of Corporate Law lectures by Prof. Arya Majumdar

Exam Preparation

Guidance Seminar on Supreme Court Law Clerkship Exams by Professor Anurag Bhaskar and J. Priya Baranwal