HIGHER EDUCATION & Job preparation

3-day workshop: How to prepare for an LLM abroad!

Day 1: Rhodes Scholarship with Adv. Rahul Bajaj and Adv. Sameer Rashid Bhat

2017 Rhodes Scholars Rahul Bajaj and Sameer Bhat talk about the application process for the Rhodes Scholarship, their experiences at Oxford, the unique struggles that students from marginalised communities face, and how to work through them.

Day 2: Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship with Prof. Gowthaman Ranganathan and Adv. Aman Wadud

Fulbright-Nehru Scholars Gowthaman Ranganathan and Aman Wadud discuss how to effectively apply for the Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship, their experiences doing their LLMs in the US, and provide useful guidelines for students from marginalised communities to surpass their unique disadvantages in the process.

Day 3: Independent Institution Scholarships with Adv. Archana Rupwate and Adv. Thulasi K. Raj

Advocates Archana Rupwate and Thulasi K. Raj discuss their motivations in deciding to pursue an LLM abroad, some resources to figure out the best colleges abroad for an individual and the institutional scholarships offered by most universities abroad.

CV/Resume Building

Session with Adv. Avinash Mathews and Adv. Surbhi M. Karwa

Advocates Avinash Mathews and Surbhi Karwa take us through the various components of a successful CV, in detail. Watch to find out how you can improve your CV.

CV SESSION.pptx.pdf


This is the PDF of the presentation from the abovementioned session. Go through it for a summary of all that was discussed during the CV building session with Adv. Avinash Mathews and Adv. Surbhi M. Karwa.