hear from our previous cohorts

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the organisation and all its members for providing me an opportunity to intern at Chambers of Senior Advocate Soumendra Nath Mookherjee. I had the option to intern virtually or in-person at sir’s chambers. I chose the latter because I knew that I might not get such a big opportunity ever again and therefore, I wanted to make the most out of it. I had great expectations from the internship which were indeed fulfilled. Since the internship was for eight weeks, I got accustomed to the litigation environment very well, and to be honest, the eight weeks seemed very short at the end. I can confidently say that I wouldn't have grown and learned as much as I have these past 8 weeks without this opportunity. 

Ayush Verma

Summer Cohort 2021

My experience being a part of the first CEDE summer cohort intern was quite wonderful. CEDE helped me and guided me at every stage of my internship. On my first day when I entered the office, I was a little nervous but once I talked to Chander Uday Singh sir then things went quite smoothly. I learnt different aspects of law related to arbitration, constitution, industrial disputes, company law and criminal law. I not only got to know about different aspects of law but by seeing the hearings of the Supreme Court, I also got the motivation to work hard so that one day I can also argue in the Supreme Court. The various sessions conducted by CEDE also helped me a lot in doing my legal research. It was my first internship experience before that I only participated in volunteering work under DSLSA. In my internship, I learnt how to read briefs and make notes out of them. After reading the briefs I used to discuss the relevant legal issues with sir and his associates and tried to understand the correct legal position of different issues. Sir advised me to make summary notes out of anything I read and understand to improve my analytical skills. Overall it was a great learning experience, which I will never forget in my life.

Mukul Raj

Summer Cohort 2021

To watch Mukul speak about his experience, click here.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire CEDE team who made it possible for me to attend this physical internship in NCT Delhi. Words can’t describe the immense gratitude that I’ll always have towards CEDE for providing me with such a beautiful opportunity to intern at the Chambers of Manisha T Karia. It had been a most rewarding and priceless experience to do a physical in-person internship under Manisha Karia Ma’am. I have been to the Hon’ble Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and various other tribunals such as NCLT, NCLAT, and NCDRC. Since the internship was only for four weeks, I had extended it for one more week, but even it seemed very short at the end. But to be very honest, coming to Delhi from a small town and getting such a fantastic opportunity under AOR feels so blessed, and it could not have been possible without CEDE. I could not thank CEDE with my words, and if anything could be possible on my end, I would always love to extend my hand towards CEDE. I can confidently say that I would not have learned as much as I have this past 4 – 5 week without this opportunity. Lastly, Thanks, CEDE, especially Avinash, for arranging the accommodation for me.

Nikchen  Tamang

Summer Cohort 2023

I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support I received from CEDE. Through their assistance, I was able to secure an internship at Keystone Partners, where I had the privilege of delving deep into arbitration laws and civil litigation. This experience has been transformative for my legal education and career. 

The internship at Keystone Partners provided me with hands-on exposure to arbitration laws, civil litigation etc. enabling me to grasp intricacies and practical applications of the same in real world. I conducted extensive research and drafting, which equipped me with a better understanding of the subject matter. 

CEDE's pivotal role in facilitating this opportunity underscores its commitment to empowering aspiring legal professionals from diverse as well as marginalized backgrounds. Their unwavering dedication to eradicate discrimination in legal education and employment has had a direct impact on the lives of individuals, like myself, who aspire to excel in the legal profession.

I am truly grateful to CEDE for their assistance, which has been a catalyst in my legal journey.

Shailesh Kumar Rajora

Winter Cohort 2022

मला CEDE कडून मिळालेल्या अमूल्य पाठिंब्याबद्दल मी अत्यंत आभारी आहे. 

त्यांच्या मदतीमुळे, मी वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता रेबेका एम. जॉन यांच्या चेंबरमध्ये इंटर्नशिप मिळवू शकलो, जिथे मला  फौजदारी खटल्यांचा सखोल अभ्यास करण्याची संधी मिळाली.

वरिष्ठ अधिवक्ता रेबेका एम. जॉन यांच्या चेंबरमधील  इंटर्नशिपने मला फौजदारी खटल्या विषयी आणि संबंधित न्यायालयीन प्रक्रियेविषयी खूप बारकाईने माहिती दिली. त्यामुळे मला वास्तविक जगामध्ये गुन्हेगारी प्रवृत्ती व त्याची कारणे समजण्यास खूप मदत झाली आणि फौजदारी खटल्याचा अनुप्रयोग समजण्यास सक्षम केले. मला विस्तृत संशोधन आणि मसुदा तयार करण्यास शिकविले, ज्यामुळे मला विषयाची अधिक चांगली समज मिळाली.

महत्त्वाची गोष्ट म्हणजे ही संधी सुलभ करण्यात CEDE ची भूमिका महत्त्वाची ठरते, तसेच विविध उपेक्षित पार्श्वभूमीतील महत्त्वाकांक्षी कायद्याच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना सक्षम बनविण्याची तिची वचनबद्धता अधोरेखित करते. ज्यांची कायद्याच्या व्यवसायात उत्कृष्ट कामगिरी करण्याची इच्छा आहे, त्यांच्यासाठी CEDE कायद्याचे  शिक्षण आणि नोकरीमधील भेदभाव नष्ट करण्याच्या त्यांच्या अतूट समर्पणाचा थेट परिणाम माझ्यासारख्या व्यक्तींच्या जीवनावर झाला आहे. ज्यामुळे कायद्याचा व्यवसाय करण्याच्या माझ्या निर्णयास आत्मविश्वासाची भर पडली आहे.

माझ्या कायद्याच्या अभ्यास प्रवासात उत्प्रेरक ठरलेल्या त्यांच्या मदतीबद्दल मी CEDE चा खरोखरच खूप आभारी आहे.

शुभम सोगे 

Summur Cohort 2023